If Looks Could Kill

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Categories: Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing/Untreed Reads Publishing | Date published: 01/30/2012


When Carter Hoffman, leading biochemist of Lovelace Cosmetics, is found clubbed to death with a microscope, CEO Lillian Lovelace is distraught. She's lost the originator of a breakthrough anti-aging cream, and she suspects Vince Gallegos, her competitor. After all, he'd been trying to wheedle Carter into working for him. Then there's Kate Daly, Vince's assistant, who has a bad crush on Carter and who suspects Lillian of pulling a few tricks of her own. Detective Deb Summers has seen some interesting cases, but this one screams: looks aren't everything. A super-short work from our Fingerprints mystery line.