Enchanted Island [From the Sea]

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Resplendence Publishing, LLC | Date published: 07/20/2011


Irish Princess Treasa longs for Prince Ailin who is soon to be her sister's betrothed, but the fates have something else in mind for her. Kidnapped by the sinister Prince Queran, she's to be used as a pawn against Cearnach, King of Ballyshand and the enchanted island of Cahir. With a spell cast over her so she cannot tell Cearnach the truth, Treasa has no other choice than to become his mistress. Soon, she finds herself in love with him. Caught up in an malevolent spell that divides his kingdom, Cearnach struggles against the invading rivals who seek to defeat him, unaware that the biggest threat is an unknown enemy from within his castle. He's stunned to find the beautiful Treasa is a virgin and not a seasoned courtesan as he was led to believe. When Queran whispers doubts in his ear, he's unsure of whether to trust Treasa or not, but love and desire for his beautiful mistress rules his heart. Cearnach soon discovers they must fight together if they are going to save their enchanted castle before it's too late.