The Broken Bell: The Markhat Files, Book 6

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 12/27/2011


Ask not for whom the wedding bells toll? The Markhat Files, Book 6 There's no way Markhat can turn away his newest client. Who is he to refuse the woman he loves--especially when she bribes him with breakfast? This time it's Darla's friend Tamar Fields, whose fiancÚ vanished days before the wedding. His wealthy family insists Carris Lethway is simply away on urgent business. Tamar smells a lie, and she needs Rannit's most famous finder to figure out if the source of the suspicious aroma is a conspiracy, or the groom's cold, sweaty feet. As if his plate isn't piled high enough, Mama Hog's slip of the tongue has landed him in the middle of a good old-fashioned Pot Lockery clan feud. Plus, Rannit's streets are abuzz with rumors of war--and Tamar's case has his own lady love hearing wedding bells of her own. As Rannit arms for battle, Markhat finds himself torn between old alliances and new commitments, and a growing, awful fear that no matter which way he turns, all he loves is about to go up in flames. Warning: This work of fiction is known to contain dangerous vowels and at least two instances of provocative folk dancing. Readers should be prepared to produce fresh emus for inspection at any time while reading pages 78 or 134. Neither the Publisher nor the Author condones the formation of covalent hydrogen bonds, although the Author does wink at them when his attorney isn't looking.