Having it All and More

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Categories: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Torquere Press/Sapphic Signs | Date published: 12/21/2011


Two very different women brought together by one set of jewelry. Josslyn Harper and Paige Railton are bidding for the same antique ensemble at a New York auction. Each has her own pressing reason for wanting to win the bidding war. With neither woman prepared to give way to the other, the bids rocket to almost two million dollars, forcing Josslyn to admit defeat. A triumphant Paige is delighted with her purchase, despite its high price. However, she hasn't bargained on encountering a major obstacle in the shape of a very determined Josslyn Harper. Josslyn vows to fight Paige to get the family heirloom back but she hasn't reckoned with Paige's tenacity. Paige and Josslyn find themselves growing closer and soon discover they have a lot in common when the power of love overtakes their battle for ownership of the jewels.