Hellish Twist In Tinseltown

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2010


A fearsome demon hunter discovers only a ghost can teach him how to live...

The men of National Command Center for Supernatural Control are known for their unquenchable sexual appetites. The best perk for fighting demons is their extreme popularity among the gay population. When the war against the demons becomes a losing battle, however, too many young men give their lives for a world that once had rejected them.

Demon hunter Jon Miller couldn't save a Hollywood mall, so how could he be expected to save the entire world? He's had enough of the weird and wacky paranormal world until the ghost of a long-gone Hollywood star torments Jon in the worst possible way--Jon's made to examine his feelings about being gay.

As a newly appointed deputy with the National Command Center for Supernatural Control, T. L. Nala is a ghost on a crusade. Not only is he given the opportunity to kill demons, he can make amends for being an outspoken anti-gay activist during his past life as a Hollywood movie star. Coming out as a ghost with ravenous desire for a certain demon hunter makes T. L. turn up the heat where he'd never imagined he'd go...

Genres: Gay / Dark Fantasy / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / Voyeurism