Bird of Prey

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Categories: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 12/01/2011


A devastating secret from the depths of history. A little old lady walks into the showroom of a London auctioneer. In her bag a devastating secret kept under wraps by generations of Russian Czars. Walts Walters, antique dealer, uncovers the true nature of Lot 28. Read this amazing account of an innocent man caught up in extraordinary events. Join him on his journey across a continent beneath the beating wings of "Bird of Prey". Excerpt: Walts Walters scurried downhill like a headless pigeon at a pace faster than he had ever run before. He held the box before him. The weight of it dragged his head and body forward, adding to his downhill momentum. Junction of street and road zoomed like a close-up lens. Thank God, no traffic. It was as though the box had a life of its own. It pulled him along. He could not stop as pavement ended and road began. He careened across the tarmac. The horn of a big red bus rang out so loud it almost blasted his eardrums to pieces. He felt its menacing shadow. He heard the screech of brakes as he lurched onto the pavement on the far side. He nearly lost the box but clung to it or it to him. He made for the embankment hoping, praying, that the bus would delay his pursuers. The river loomed, cutting off his forward rush? He ran in panic and caught sight of a pleasure-boat full of tourists about to cast off. If he could make it aboard he might get away. In the moment his feet slid from under him everything slowed down. He saw himself fall headlong, box loosening from his grasp. It hit the wooden jetty in front of him, bouncing and sliding at an angle along the planks.

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