The Hunt Part II: Winter in July

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Categories: Gay Fiction/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA | Date published: 09/25/2011


For Tony De Santos', life has taken a deadly turn at the hands of a Denver serial killer known as The Butcher. Bitter and hate-filled, he sets out on a seemingly inescapable path to avenge his lover. There are those who would try to save him. Detective Lorrayne Lobato has a score herself to settle with The Butcher. And new friend Bobby, a young man in search of love and direction, has a pure affection and willingness to help that asks nothing in return. But in his furious mission to track down The Butcher and minister his own justice, Tony is beyond their reach. Like a winter in July, his heart is frozen to the love and warmth of all who want to help. Mystery and madness build. Who is this Butcher, and why is he on this murderous rampage? Refusing to be denied, Tony tracks him down. But then what? Does vengeance bring a cleansed conscience, or self-destruction as Lobato and Bobby fear? Tony is about to find out.