A Cold Day For Murder

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Mainstream
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing USA | Date published: 09/25/2011


The violent murder of a young woman at the start of one of the worst winters on record caught the Newcastle upon Tyne police on the hop. With a third of their strength either off sick or totally non existent they are forced to enlist help from the Met. And they get Detective Inspector David Charles, the most cantankerous man ever to walk through the gates of Hendon police college. His junior, Detective Sergeant Malcolm McKarn is forever in a quandary as to whether to demand a transfer or not but for some unknown reason he sticks it out for 'just one more case'. It's this chalk and cheese relationship that sets to work finding the person responsible for the young woman's killer, but throw in an insurmountable language barrier and a village full of people as varied as the contents of a bag of liquorice allsorts and the pair have one of the hardest cases they have ever been associated with - or ever likely to be.