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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Historical Fiction
Publisher: Gate Way Publishers | Date published: 11/14/2011


WHILE TOKYO DANCES AND MAKES LOVE, UNDERCOVER AGENTS MANEUVER FOR WORLD HEADLINES It started with a crime of sudden, violent passion--an Air Force colonel and his Japanese mistress found in the grisly postures of murder hara-kiri. That was the way it stood in the records, but Major Mark Talbot knew that this death tryst was only one move in the Kremlin's undercover struggle to undermine American policy in Japan. Against the colorful backdrop of Tokyo--army parties to dark sin streets--Talbot tried to counter Red cunning and ruthlessness that used women as bait and murder as the payoff. Major Mark Talbot, USAF, arrived in Tokyo prepared to put up a one-man fight against a vicious and deadly enemy--Commie propaganda! On the surface the job wasn't much; just a little public relations task and some smoothing of ruffled feathers. But underneath the red-tape lay coiled the snake that was shooting its poison into the heart of the Far East! And the danger didn't end there. For there were Americans in this ancient city whose personal ambitions--and knowledge of top secret data--made them easy marks for the enemy? and doubly dangerous to the Stars and Stripes. But for Mark Talbot this Tokyo Intrigue was a challenge that could not be ignored--even though it lead him into a whirlwind investigation of murder and passion that meant dodging bullets all the way!

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