The Man from Forever

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Special Releases | Date published: 10/31/2011



When she first came to the sacred tribal land in the California wilderness, anthropologist Tory Kent paid little heed to the tales of a mystical warrior keeping watch there. But then a dark figure appeared through the mists before her-and suddenly the unimaginable became reality. Wherever-whenever-he had come from, the one called Loka was truly a man, and he awakened a need within Tory that could scarcely be denied. For he had returned, after a century in the shadows, to claim her-the woman destiny had promised only to him. Though entangled by undeniable passion, each walked a path seemingly impossible to weld together. For Tory was tied to the present. And Loka was bound by an age-old promise to protect his people's legacy...even at the cost of his own life.