The Broken Road to Nowhere

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Categories: Romance/Spiritual/Religion
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing | Date published: 09/30/2011


Mackenzie and Twila Sellars are the unfortunate daughters of Patrick Sellars, the latter better known to the Four Oaks community as the town drunk. The man's constant inebriation has left the girls, respectively twenty-one and eight, to shoulder a life of poverty, neglect, and physical and emotional abuse with only their kind neighbor, Sophia Lucasta, lending an occasional helping hand and attentive ear. After several years of having to serve as "stay-at-home sister, Mackenzie attempts to turn things around with her new waitressing job. Her gentle demeanor and strong work ethic win the respect of her co-workers and community,but also unwittingly manages to capture the interest of her manager, Ryan Patterson. When Ryan pursues a romantic relationship, Mackenzie staves him off, reminding him of their employer/employee relationship. But the truth is, it is her deep shame and mortification of her family's condition that keeps her so guarded and reserved. Will Mackenzie learn to take a chance, have faith in herself and others, and learn to love?

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