Liar, Liar, Hearts On Fire

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Categories: Romance/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Amber Quill Press | Date published: 01/01/2010


While Ray's newfound cousins are busy falling in love, he maintains he'll never get caught in that "trap," unless he gets dropped on his head and develops amnesia. His cousins, who are tired of his interference and schemes, would gladly oblige. Especially Jen and Blade, who have been talked into taking on a job with Ray, resuming their old cover identities of Mark and Gloria Williams, despite Jen being seven months pregnant.

Newfound cousin Tiger Ramirez needs help providing a bodyguard for dim-witted Lori McTeague on a scavenger hunt. The winner gets a massive inheritance. Lori is up against her four mutant cousins, referred to as "the Deliverance Boys." She needs a lot of protecting since Pete, the oldest brother, is determined that she's going to be "his woman." So ex-Marine, professional bodyguard Lauren McTeague has taken her helpless, lookalike cousin's place on the treasure hunt.

Ray and Lauren are immediately drawn to each other, but their false identities stand in the way--until Ray actually gets dropped on his head down a flight of stairs while fighting off the Deliverance Boys. When he wakes with amnesia, he is caught in his false identity of Mark Williams. Everything inside him insists "Lori" is the woman for him, not pregnant, often-nauseous "Gloria."

Ray and Lauren unravel the many lies wrapped around their team, and build an alliance of minds and hearts as they work through the maze of Fredonia, Uncle Zeppo's remote mountain mansion. The old house is full of secret doors and staircases, with every clue in the scavenger hunt coming from a Marx Brothers movie. And someone, somewhere, is watching every move they make...

Genres: Romance / Romantic Suspense / Romantic Comedy