Return to West Texas

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Superromance | Date published: 10/03/2011


To Eli, the soul of my soul, the beat of my heart

The sentimental words of a love-struck girl. Gabriela Navarro had inscribed them in a book back when she'd believed she and Eli Wolverton would always be together. Before he'd abandoned her.

Eli had to leave her, though-to protect her. Just as he has to protect her now, when she is facing a deadly threat she doesn't even know about.

But this time Eli won't walk out on the only person who's ever believed in him. This time he'll be there to keep Gaby safe...whether she wants his help or not. Because when Gaby looks into his eyes, he knows she still means those words she wrote so long ago.

What if you discovered that all you ever wanted were the things you left behind?