Father Found

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Harlequin/Harlequin Treasury - Harlequin Superromance | Date published: 10/03/2011


The Daddy School

Father doesn't always know best

Sometimes a man needs help learning to be a dad. That's what the Daddy School is all about.

Baby on the Doorstep!

Jamie McCoy is the ultimate guy. His syndicated column, "Guy Stuff," keeps thousands of men in a macho frame of mind. But the day Jamie finds Samantha on his doorstep, his life changes drastically.

Samantha is a baby and Samantha is a girl. What, after all, does Jamie really know about either? But more important, Samantha is his daughter, so he phones Allison Winslow, a nurse who runs the Daddy School, for advice. But when he actually meets Allison, he finds he wants much more than her assistance.

The Daddy School