Within This Mortal Coil

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Categories: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 09/01/2011


Sometimes, not even death itself can deliver you from heartache. There are some things that you can't un-do. You have to face the result of your actions and move on, but what if you were forced relive those moments over and over again, experiencing the horror of your past mistakes as if they had just unfolded? For Corey Aston, this nightmare has become his reality after waking up in his bathtub, his wrists slit. A phone call from a mysterious stranger reveals that his wife has left him and taken all of his money and belongings, and experience soon shows him that he is being hunted down by two men in ski masks. But when things go from bad to worse, and the sweet embrace of death takes a hold of him, he isn't lifted up to the heavens, but dragged back down to his bathtub to repeat the events that had just transpired. As reality seems to blur and his sanity starts to dissipate, Corey must unravel the tangled web his life has turned into or be forced to repeat his mistakes and brew in his own personal hell. But with so many knots, where does one start to untangle the mess? And without the person you love by your side, is it even worth trying? Excerpt: Corey tried kicking in the top of his death cell and screaming but it was no use; even if he could break through the coffin, there was no way he could dig himself out of six feet of dirt in his condition. There was no way anyone would ever be able to hear him either. His voice could never penetrate so much fucking dirt. Worst of all, there was no chance of suicide of any kind. His revolver was long since gone and his hands and feet were tied up anyway. The only thing to do was to make friends with the dead man next to him and wait for death, himself.

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