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Categories: Horror/Fantasy
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 09/01/2011


Sometimes the past just won't stay dead and buried? James Barker is a happily married man. He thinks he has it all -- until one morning when he witnesses a gruesome suicide. Haunted by the death, James embarks on a journey. Who was this man? Why did he kill himself? Now haunted by visions of the dead man in his home and in his nightmares, James begins to wonder if he is losing his mind. Surely the dead can't return? As James uncovers the terrifying truth of the stranger who died at his own hands, he realizes his own life is in danger -- and the lives of those he loves. Excerpt: James stared into the glassy water, and for a moment froze, struck by the thought of tipping himself over the bar and into the cold, gigantic swell of the roaming sea. He'd heard somewhere that drowning was a nice death, that unconsciousness was quick to come, that it was like floating to oblivion. The idea sounded almost inviting. James recoiled, jerked his body away from the edge of the pier, scared of how easy it was to end it all. What the hell am I doing? "Go on, then. Do it." The voice was behind him, close, he could almost feel the warmth of someones breath against his neck. Suddenly he felt himself being shoved by invisible hands against the railing behind him. James spun around, gasped. No one was near him, no one beside him, but he watched as a dark figure strolled casually away from the pier. He walked with big strides, a confident looking man. Except he is not a man, James thought, fighting the compulsion to turn back to the sea and jump into its cold clutches. It's a demon. And I won't let him win.

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