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Categories: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: DCL Publications LLC | Date published: 08/04/2011


Fleeing the painful, horrific events that she's just endured in Pinewick, New Jersey, monster hunter Wendy Markland heads south for Florida. Upon arrival in the Sunshine State, however, Wendy realizes that she's being followed. Her tail turns out to be Colm Pryce, a slightly older, more experienced hunter. Why has Colm been following her? Because he has a message for her -- a warning. According to Colm, Wendy is being pursued by a group of vampires calling themselves the Kindred of Malignity. Whereas the first cultus Wendy encountered was concerned mostly with feeding and the spread of their kind, the Kindred of Malignity, led by an ancient and powerful vampire named Adolph Larson, are more focused and far more dangerous -- they hunt hunters. And their current target is Wendy Markland?