Blow Torch

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Ravenous Romance/Ravenous Romance | Date published: 07/14/2011


Welcome back to Hellesgate. Three years have passed since New York real estate mogul Matthew Archer met and fell in love with Iraqi war veteran Cane Summerfield. Having survived a deranged arsonist, a wispy, green-eyed stalker and a revenge-fueled brother, the men have settled down to small town life in Hellesgate, Kansas. Life is good. Every day, their love grows. Every day, their wedding nears. But when a love is borne of fire, the future is often shaped by hell. When two strangers arrive in town, the horrors of Cane's war-torn past return wearing fresh faces and harboring mysterious hate. Greed, envy and lust combine to form an enemy unseen until the very end. The battle is one for Cane's scarred peace of mind. The battle is one Matthew will risk everything to win. With the eccentric citizens of Hellesgate by their side, the men must fight a war that will leave one thing branded indelibly on all their hearts... While war is hell, love is forever its phoenix.