Wylder Magick

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica/Science Fiction
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC | Date published: 03/25/2011


Book Summary Eight days... Elias Wylder, that egotistical SOB, had the gall to trick Moriah into bonding with him during her Opening Ceremony! Now her year of hiding is almost up. Only eight days and she'll be free. In eight days, Moriah can repudiate the bond with Wylder and claim her rightful place in Arcane Society. Until then, she dare not allow the powerful warlock to discover she still loves him, despite his trickery. She must keep her distance, no matter how close she wishes they could be. But Wylder's not the kind to take no for an answer. Humbled by her loss, Elias will do anything to find Mariah, even begging the Council of Magick for help. Unfortunately, his year of futile searching is almost up. An Athame Warlock must present his lady to the Council before the year passes, or lose her forever. Elias can't allow that to happen. Mariah's taken more than Wylder's magick -- she's stolen his heart. He's got just eight days to find her, and win her back! Publisher's Note: Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Camille Anthony's Wylder Magick once existed under the same title as part of an anthology which is no longer in publication.