Princess Nonomi

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 06/01/2011


Princess Nonomi is the story of a young and severely troubled woman. Having murdered her parents and burned her home down, Princess Nonomi went from being the outcast of a foster home to a student of a all-girl catholic boarding school. Violent, imaginative, sexual and cruel, Nonomi believes herself to be royalty in the 21st century, a being of divine right meant for greater things. After a savage attack on one of her classmates, Nonomi was committed under the care of Dr. Collins. A year later, she's escaped, a free monster heading home. Anyone who crosses her path will get pulled into her maelstrom. Excerpt: Fear me. Love me. Want me. I am everything you wish you were. Everything you wish you had. Everything you are not. I'm liberated, untamable and free of your conventions. I am the monster of reason, a creature of rebellion and the height of your darkest sexual dreams. I am the thing you most desire. I am the thing you dare not imagine. I am the undeniable voice of truth and hate spread across the wasteland of modern living. I am your ruler. Your better. I am Princess Nonomi.

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