All in the Family

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Categories: Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Damnation Books | Date published: 06/01/2011


The family that slays together, stays together.Every family has their problems right? Meet the Adams Family; Herman, Loretta, Jessica and Bobby. They're your average family. Or are they? Herman is the breadwinner, the man of the house, a mortician. Loretta is the housewife, a trophy all her own. Jessica is the teenage daughter, doing what teenagers do best; and Bobby is the little brother, nearly a teenager and in his very awkward years. But like any family, this family has secrets, deep, dark secrets. And these secrets might just kill you. Excerpt: Herman had the sledge in hand now; he silently flipped it from side to side, admiring its worth. Though dingy, it still seemed to sparkle. He remembered the day he purchased it. He needed it to drive some stakes into the ground in the backyard as yard edging. It had been used for many things since then, even on Ralph, the old cocker spaniel that had to be put down. Herman owned no gun, he held to the belief that guns were for cowards. His brother continued his spiel, but Herman had lost interest. Now he had found something that may alleviate his suffering, bring to an end this bitter rivalry between brothers. Fulfill this hatred that he held for his twin. But had it really come to this, to murder. How could it be? But he knew, that yes, it had come to this. One could only take so much abuse before one snaps. Herman had been walking that tightrope for years. He took another look at his brother; perhaps another peek would ease his mind and calm his nerve. His gaunt frame, his slick, black hair; and his annoying voice, still spilling abusive technical terms for what exactly was wrong with the house; no, that would not save him. This must happen. Herman lifted the sledge high over his head.

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