Wake of the Red Mistress

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Categories: Fantasy/Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 06/07/2011


A fantasy tale of thwarted love and piratical lust, blood and treasure! Sister Shinara of the Yulinites is on a ship that is attacked by Aurzia- the Red Mistress. When the pirate's men are going to kill Shinara and the five novices in her care the sister makes a deal with the pirate queen to lead her to a 'great treasure' in a distance monastery. Meanwhile near that monastery young monk Zak has been slipping out of the monastery to have an affair with a noblewoman using a magic talisman but he haunted by the memory of Shinara. The Red Mistress leads her brigands on a cross-country trek to loot the monastery with Shinara in tow and a strange bond develops between them. When they reach the monastery in a storm of fire and blood a reckoning is due. The three; the monk, the pirate and the nun are on a collision course where love, hate and fear are a heady and overwhelming mix! Excerpt: "Keep reading, girls," Shinara ordered. She worked to keep her voice firm and fight the panic that welled up from within her. The sound of many bodies moving around in the corridor with many curse words and oaths promised violence. Abruptly a pounding erupted on the thick wooden door. "This is the only one locked!" a gruff voice called from directly outside. "Then break it down!" a new voice responded. A female voice caused the women in the room to shudder. The girls all screamed and huddled together as a boarding ax smashed into the planks of the door. "Trust in the Goddess," Shinara said with all the calm she could force, "and we will be delivered." As she spoke the door splintered and a bearded head thrust through the gap. "Women!" The pirate proclaimed with a sinister laugh. The younger sisters screamed and clung to each other as the head withdrew and a second, even gruffer, scarred face filled the gap.