Notorious [Playing with Fire, Book 4]

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 06/28/2011


Loving her is easy. Proving to himself he deserves her? Baby steps? Playing with Fire, Book 4 King of one-night stands, all-around man whore, that's Eric. And you know what? He doesn't give a rip. After being dumped by the two people who mattered most to him, numbing himself with alcohol and anonymous sex was the easiest thing to do. Men, women, they're all the same to him. Feelings, caring, it all just gets in the way. Then he meets Stacy. Sweet, beautiful, a delicate combination of shy and forceful, she's unlike anyone he's ever known. She sees right through his fašade and makes him face his ugly truths, brutal reminders he doesn't deserve her. He wants her like no one else--and it scares him out of his mind. Stacy can't help herself, she's attracted to gorgeous, sexy, hurting Eric. There's more to him than meets the eye--even though what's meeting her eye right now is a complete mess. Broken hearts will do that to the strongest man--she should know. If she can get him to forgive--especially himself--maybe things could work out between them. But first, she can't let him get away.