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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Gay Fiction
Publisher: Excessica Publishing | Date published: 06/20/2011


It's 1975--do you know what your sexual preference is? Kirk Bauer, a leading man compared to John Wayne with Robert Redford's looks, attends a Hollywood "swingers" party with his girlfriend. There, they meet up with Kirk's buddy Troy Camden and his girlfriend, Holly Lane. Kirk's lust, however, takes an unexpected turn when he watches Holly perform sexual acts on Troy. Does he really want a man to perform similar acts on him? And more importantly, does he really want to do that to his friend? Troy, an up-and-coming leading man, has almost as much experience with men as with women, but he hasn't allowed himself to fall for any man since he was twenty--that is, not until he and Kirk get down-and-dirty in one of the pool cabanas at the party. For Troy, sex with a guy has never felt so right. But can he keep his heart out of it? Kirk struggles with his sexuality--and his feelings--almost as much as Troy tries to keep from falling for Kirk. One weekend at Kirk's ranch, however, the two finally admit their love for each other, only to have their affair outed three weeks later in the gossip rags. With their careers in Hollywood possibly over, the two take bold action. But will it be enough to reclaim their lives and their hearts?