Going Green Together - How to Align Employees with Green Strategies

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Categories: Education
Publisher: Environmental Pioneers/Environmental Pioneers | Date published: 06/20/2011


Reviews: Going Green Together is an excellent scientific achievement and is leading the way in giving advice on how to green a business sustainably. --Dr. Aidan O'Driscoll, Editor Irish Marketing Review This book is a valuable addition to the literature on implementing organisational change and contains many useful insights on how to go green by bridging knowing doing gaps. --Sean Byrne, Contributor The Irish Times This award winning thesis provides essential practical advice for turning any business green and is substantiated by an outstanding theoretical groundwork. --Dr. Katrina Lawlor, Head of Graduate Business School at Dublin Institute of Technology Book Description: At a time when ‘going green’ is at the top of the agenda of many organizations one of the most critical success factors of strategy implementation escapes the notice of many business professionals: the alignment of employees with the green strategy. As employees are considered the linchpin of organizations’ strategic operational success, Going Green Together illustrates how to align employees with green strategies to facilitate a flawless realization of organizations’ environmental goals. From his experiences in the utility sector, Frank Roettgers indicates where the differences lie between general strategy alignment and the alignment with green strategies. The dissertation explains how organizations are able to increase the...

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