Dreamspell Haunts Volume 2

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Categories: Fantasy
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 05/24/2011


Dreamspell Haunts Volume 2 -- Edited by Lisa Rene' Smith. Enjoy five tales of the Paranormal: New Orleans' Ghost of Spanish Gold by Runére McLain Jemma Hammons--one of three photographers in a 'shoot off' for the single Photo Journalist position with a New Orleans newspaper--watches her competitors receive the enviable Vampire's Ball and Celebrity Parade assignments, while her prospective boss arranges for her to be locked alone in a cemetery on Halloween night with orders to photograph a ghost if she wants the job. But a costumed young man somehow ends up locked inside with her, one dressed as a dashing Spanish Don with an eerily intimate knowledge of the property's residents?and a haunting effect on her future. Lady from Lodi by Catherine Brooks A hard-living, trash-talking motorcycle-riding Mama comes face-to-face with harsh reality when Heaven makes the Ultimate Mistake. It seems that second chances aren't always what they're cracked up to be. Can the Lady from Lodi warp her mind around the fact that, for her, there's no way out? Coolgrandpa.com by Chris Samson Newly-retired Eric Quackenbush encounters a mysterious tormentor online. Initially Eric brushes it off as an annoyance, but as the influence it wields becomes more prevalent in Eric's life, he will be forced to confront a supernatural nightmare from his past to protect his loved ones in the present. What's Going on With Laraine by Gilda A. Herrera A private eye, who also investigates paranormal events, is first intrigued then imperiled by what is happening to his close friend's fiancee Laraine. A visit to a tiny graveyard leads him to the discovery of a prankster former magician and con man ghost who continues to perform his trick "The Great Switch" even after his murder. The Mummy, The Samurai, The Shrunken Head and Joe Boone by Lynn Shurr Can the denizens of the Municipal Museum save it from closure? Perhaps, with the help of a lowly janitor who just happens to be dead.