Waiting: Green's Hill Werewolves Book 2 [A BBA Menage Story]

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Publisher: Torquere Press/BBA, High Ball | Date published: 04/09/2011


After a year and a half, Jack finally has what he wants -- Teague in his bed. But Teague is having a hell of a time showing Jack his heart anywhere but in bed. Plus, there's the idea of the lovely Katy Garcia joining the two of them. Werewolves in Green's Hill have a very limited time to bond. Teague and Jack are well on their way, so if Katy wants into this relationship, she needs the door to open now, or the man she loves is going to be out of her heart forever. Teague's scarred inside and out, and the fireworks between him, Jack, and Katy have made him afraid of being naked, emotionally or physically, but he's going to have to man up and strip down. If Teague thought being bitten by a werewolf was hard, it's nothing on the rest of his life on Green's Hill.