Commonwealth Universe: Modern Era: The Hoveni: The Meruk Episodes VI - X

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing | Date published: 05/16/2011


Meruk's quest to find other Hoveni continues as he heads out into the desert, following clues and legends of hiding places deep under the shifting sands. His journey is impeded by the elements, and by the foolishness of greedy Humans who can't even be allowed to guess that Hoveni are real, much less that the remains of ancient technology and knowledge lie in the wastelands. Meruk encounters the insane, the fearful, and cruel, as well as the innocent, wise, and gentle. His quest takes him from the desert, to an Order outpost, to an amusement park the size of a city, and back across the sea where he faces more remnants of the Hoveni's ancient enemy, the Set'ri.

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