Who Killed the Killer

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Categories: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: BooksForABuck/BooksForABuck.com | Date published: 05/10/2011


Playing discreet chauffeur to the underworld seems like a good job--until one of his clients knocks R.P. Gavin unconscious and then somehow ends up murdered in the back of R.P.'s limo. R.P. decides it's time to take up fighting and shooting so he'll be able to protect himself while he looks into who might want him dead. But toughing up has unintended consequences and R.P. finds himself sought not just as a driver, but also as a private investigator and martial arts trainer. When his search for the truth leads him to a neo-nazi plot, gets him involved with the FBI, and threatens to derail not only his life but that of his parents, R.P. knows he's in over his head. Unfortunately, the only way he can see to get out is to follow through to the end and discover who killed the killer in the back seat of his car.