Killer Queen: The Hunted

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 05/07/2011


The vampire hunter becomes the hunted... Silver Devries was once a powerful Vampire Queen; now she has become a vampire hunter. Her task: to hunt down a band of rogue vampires before they breed themselves, and humanity, out of extinction. When she comes face to face with her nemesis, Father Drake, a priest she watched murdered during the Inquisitions, Silver finds that Father Drake is no longer a man of god but the servant of a vicious and ancient vampire. Can Silver trust Drake when he offers his help or will they both lose their lives in the midst of a vampire war? Excerpt: "Drake?" I whispered. "No, it can't be. You are dead, I watched you die." Once again I heard the familiar, low male voice chuckling. "Sometimes the eyes, just as the heart, can be deceived," he said. Father Drake Von Brugel was an Ancient, older even than I or the Ancient Queen Akita. During the Christian crusades, he had been a formidable warrior of the cross. He travelled many continents on the Pope's behalf to bring the sinful to the side of God. Father Drake knew no boundaries when it came to his faith or his merciless discipline and indoctrination of the soulless. He was a brutal man. My mind flashed back to our first meeting; seemingly a lifetime ago. In fact, it was many lifetimes ago.

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