A Psychic Mess: A Leap Through The Univers's Door

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Categories: Spiritual/Religion/General Nonfiction
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 04/07/2011


A Psychic Mess: A Leap Through the Universe's Door is a courageous account of how Katie took a leap of faith when searching for answers about unexplainable things occurring in her life. Was it possible that she was indeed psychic or was she in fact nuts requiring a doctor's prescription? Katie's search leads her to a place in the universe that is filled with surprises and beautiful energies, which she shows us is waiting for each of us. It's a place of goodness and light and nothing like the dark energies that Katie felt had haunted her in her childhood. Follow Katie through her journey and you will find yourself knowing that you've seen and sensed these things too. It's all quite real.

Also Available from Katie Kay Valentine