The Chinese Chest

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Categories: Young Adult/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell/L&L Dreamspell | Date published: 04/21/2011


What could be worse than babysitting a strange child in a creepy old house? Lisa is about to find out? Babysitting four-year-old Cassie Lord will be a piece of cake, as far as Lisa Kingsley is concerned. The little girl doesn't do much but stare out the window as though lost in another time and another place. The money is good--really good--and Lisa needs a dress for the harvest dance, as well as Christmas presents for friends and family. But things are creepy at the Lord's isolated house, overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Western Washington State. The little girl keeps talking about her missing twin, which, according to Mr. and Mrs. Lord, doesn't exist and is merely a figment of their little girl's imagination. And then there's the massive Chinese chest in the off-limits room called "Daddy's 'magination room". Cassie insists her lost twin is in the chest, even though Lisa shows her its empty shelves. Something just isn't right in the old house, and Lisa doggedly keeps searching for answers. And then, after opening one door too many, she inadvertently discovers something so hideous, it can hardly be imagined. When Lisa realizes what has been happening in the isolated house by the sea, it is already too late?