It's Time

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Categories: Dark Fantasy/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing | Date published: 04/07/2011


Richard, a fairly young vampire by vampire standard has decided to buck the status quo and fight the establishment. Surrounding himself with others who felt the same way he did and had an axe to grind with the Brotherhood, an elitist group of vampires, he started a war. The war would shake the foundation of the Supernatural world. Amazed and annoyed by Richard's actions, the Brotherhood's governing body, the Elders call out their top enforcer, Patrick. He sought to quash the uprising. He tried force and when that didn't work, he tried negotiation. To aid Patrick in his endeavour, the Elders released a weapon of mass destruction in an attempt to annihilated Richard and his followers. The weapon had side effects that rebounded and killed Brotherhood members. Disheartened by losses on both sides, Richard and Patrick agree to meet to find a viable solution to end the war. The enemies soon realized they had been childhood best friends. They are upset to be on opposite sides of the struggle but neither is willing to surrender. As their present commitments try to separate them, their past friendship refuses to be forgotten. They struggle to find a way for all sides to be happy. Will they succeed?

Also Available from Kat Davis (aka Catherine Thomas)