Army Beasts

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Categories: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press | Date published: 04/19/2011


Promyse Fitzgerald had made herself a new life and a new home. Far away in Midas, Wyoming so that Lieutenant Zane Wakefield couldn't find her. He was a military man, and she could deal with that. What she couldn't deal with was the secrets and the lies to cover up what he did for the military. So when she ran, she gave up all traces of her old life and embraced the new. It brought her peace and security until there was knock on her door at midnight and there stood the man who plagued her dreams. From the time she let him in, his green eyes drew him in. Everything came flooding back, the yearning and the intense need for the man that made her heart ache. Lieutenant Wakefield was in trouble, and there was only one person he could trust, and that was Promyse. His boss sent him away until they could clear his name and prove someone was trying to destroy the unit from the inside out. She left in the middle of the night, but he always knew where she was. How could he not? He was part of the Army Beasts, and his job was to find people who didn't want to be found. He could understand why she disappeared. His life was a difficult one. But now he was on the run for something he didn't do, and she was his safe haven. But could the woman he never stopped loving still be his when she learned his true nature?