Life of Death (Blood of my World Novella Three): A Paranormal Romance

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Categories: Romance/Horror
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment | Date published: 04/22/2011


Now disconnected from their families, Zach and Rose try and make it on their own away from the war between vampire and slayer. But word has been spread to the undead that Zach needs to return to his family otherwise his mother will only make matters worse for him.

Trying to survive together isn't all it is hoped to be and Zach and Rose must decide if a vampire and human truly can remain together, or if it's a lost cause and they should accept their fate.

Is love enough?

Before the two can find out, the vampire's family comes for Zach and Rose, and the two are swept into a nightmare where there will be only one survivor.

Life of Death is an approximately 23,000-word novella that will take you deep into a world where all is risked for the one you love, and danger--both outside and within--lurks at every turn.