Complement for a King II: Redemption

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Categories: Fantasy/Young Adult
Publisher: KBS Publishing/KBS Publishing | Date published: 11/30/2010


The Great Peace is shattered, and war is upon the Land of the Nine Kingdoms, but Antion and his friends are forced to journey beyond the Roof of the World to seek wisdom from a mage who vanished many generations ago. If Orro still exists, he is Jared's only chance to acquire the knowledge needed to vanquish the evil that is spreading through the world, but Antion has doubts that Jared will be able to fulfill his mission even with the help of Orro. As nations of the Land of the Nine Kingdoms fall under the might of the advancing armies, special death squads are sent in search of Antion and Jared. Their only goal is the death of the two princes, and they dare not return home unsuccessful. Complement for a King II: Redemption is part two of a two-part miniseries. Complement for a King I: Search for Audric is part one.