Unfamiliar Chronicles

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Categories: Fantasy/Science Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 04/04/2011


Babu desperately wants to pass its apprenticeship as a familiar to a wizard, and to do so it must help an apprentice wizard pass his own. By accident however, Babu becomes the companion to Kylph who has no interest in or talent for magic. Yet neither has a choice; they must try to pass their respective apprenticeships together. As they set out on their journey, Babu must teach Kylph about magic while Kylph must teach Babu about humans. Neither has an easy task.

UnFamiliar Chronicles is a worthy companion to the award-winning Brendell series by Patrick Welch. Fans of light fantasy -- or fantasy in general -- will find UnFamiliar Chronicles a welcome addition to their e-book library.