Icy Temptation

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Categories: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books | Date published: 03/07/2011


Arwen is an individual figure skating coach who never thought she'd ever get to meet the lead singer of the band Soar. She'd been crushing on Gannon ever since Soar's first CD came out. While attending the band's concert in her hometown, Gannon's and her gaze meet during a love song he sings, making Arwen think he's only singing for her. Unexpectantly, the next day, an even more unbelievable situation occurs. Gannon appears at the skate club and asks her out on a date. When his gaze met the woman's in the crowd, Gannon became immediately taken with her. Something about her drew him like no other human woman had before. As an Alte, a winged being humans had mistaken for angels through chance encounters, he and his band mates are the last of their kind after an illness swept through their people. Surviving, they find themselves able to manipulate the elements, allowing them to hide what they truly are from the humans around them. Their bright silver eyes become natural, and even their wings are camouflaged, leaving a tattoo-like mark on their backs. Immortal as well, the remaining five have together lived for over a thousand years. As Gannon grows closer to Arwen, he finds himself fighting to keep his true self hidden. Even more frightening, when they make love, he starts to absorb her life energy causing him to put some distance between them. But when another of their kind arrives on the scene, revealing what caused the demise of their people, Gannon is faced with letting Arwen die or risking the rest of humanity to save her.