The Loch Ewe Mystery

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Categories: Young Adult/Mystery/Crime
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 03/13/2011


Ben is a dreamer, Charlie prefers facts, but they make a good team. The two friends go on holiday to Loch Ewe, where Ben's dad teaches them to sail. At first, all is well. They get to know the changing moods of the loch and Ben begins to feel the magic and power of the Scottish Highlands. But the peace and pleasure of their holiday is destroyed when the loch's mood changes and a squall forces them to seek shelter on Ewe Island. There, Ben's father has an accident and Ben has to sail back through the squall alone for help. What happens to him out on the loch starts an adventure which involves three ruthless drug smugglers, led by the particularly vicious Lomax. There's a chase, Ben and Charlie are kidnapped, tied up, locked in a room in a remote cottage, with a guard downstairs, and no idea of how to get free. But they must. If they don't, they know that, when Lomax returns, they'll be in very real danger.

Also Available from Jack Rosse