Silver Rock

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Categories: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wonder Audiobooks, LLC/Wonder eBooks | Date published: 03/21/2011


TULLY GIBBS WAS A KILLER ... A bullet sang, and Tully Gibbs hit the dirt. Tully was a killer--trained, highly skilled, merciless. But he was pinned down, exposed to the hail of rifle fire: shots slamming past his ear, spraying the bitter dust into his mouth and eyes, with his own gun a deadly three yards away from his hand ... Right or wrong, Tully Gibbs had staked his claim. Now he had to fight for it! Tully Gibbs was a hard man. War, prison camp, fighting for his life had made him that way. When Tully saw the rich ore in the walls of the silver mine shaft at Officer's Ridge, he knew that nothing--not the biggest toughest mining operator in Colorado, not love, loyalty, pity or friendship was going to stand between hire and his dream of wealth and power. Luke Short's savagely realistic novel of an incredibly rich silver strike and two men who fought each other for wealth, power ... and a woman!