All Hollow's Eve

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Categories: Romance/Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Cobblestone Press | Date published: 03/21/2011


Heather Merwin has spent most of her adult life trying to escape her family's past, one that included legends she no longer believed in. Except every night around Halloween, she dreams of making love with a mysterious man on horseback. A teacher in New York in the eighteenth century, William Crane was in love with the sister of local Jesse Merwin. After a night of passion, they planned to run away, but were discovered by Jesse. Since William had taken his sister's maidenhead, he decided the punishment must fit the crime. With the help of a local witch, Jesse Merwin cursed Crane. Now the Horseman rides again, determined to find the one woman who can break his curse. But Heather's dream lover also turns out to be her nightmare, since she is the descendent of Jesse. Can she overcome her reservations and break the curse? Or will she lose him forever?

Also Available from Melissa L. Robert