Talking with the Dead

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. | Date published: 11/28/2006


Surrounded by death, a man with a terrible gift reaches for life. A horrific tragedy blasted open a door in young Michael O'Rourke's mind--cursing him with the ability to talk with the Dead. Nearly two decades later, Michael has moved from victim to survivor, using his abilities to seek out those who would go unjudged. With his gift, he talks to those who've died violently and seeks out their killers. Only once he's found the murderer, can the victims be at rest. After his last case, the only thing he wants is peace and he hopes to find it in the small town of Mitchell, Indiana. But something is horribly wrong--the dead are waiting for him there, as well. Small town sheriff Daisy Crandall is frustrated. The murder investigation she's leading is going nowhere, the few leads she's had haven't panned out. She needs a break--this case is personal and when a stranger arrives, turning up where he shouldn't be, she's suspicious. Finding out that he is more than what he appears to b, should shock her but doesn't. The fact she's highly attracted to him at the worst possible time is a hindrance. Unfortunately, teaming up with Michael is the only way. Now it's a race against time before the killer destroys the life of his next victim? This book has been previously published; but, has been expanded and revised. Product Warnings Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence