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Categories: Mainstream
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 02/06/2011


Marty grew up in the lap of luxury, at thirteen began experimenting with drugs, and ended up in rehab. At sixteen she escaped, crossed the state line, and with a fake id, got a job dancing in a strip joint. At twenty she cleaned up her act, moving twelve hundred miles away. JoAnne came from poverty, with an alcoholic father. She started working at age fifteen to help her mother support her younger siblings. When her youngest sister graduated high school, she left, vowing never to return to her father's house. The two met for the first time in Shreveport, Louisiana, became roommates and best friends for life. When one wins big at the casino, they go on an adventure most only dream of. If you liked Thelma and Louise, you'll love Marty and JoAnne.

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