Red Satin 1: Red Satin

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Categories: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
Publisher: loveyoudivine | Date published: 01/28/2011


Regan and Maisie had sex once, back when Maisie was living the boy's life, but Regan wrote it off as nothing more than a drunken rebound hook-up. Now that Maisie is in transition and all her feminine qualities are rising to the surface, Regan is realizing what she saw in Maisie that one inebriated evening so many years ago. But Maisie has fears of her own about starting up a relationship amidst the turmoil of other changes. Does Regan see her for who she really is, or will she love her and leave her like last time? See what power is evoked by mid-December mall magic, a red satin evening gown and two lovers who meet again for the first time.