Adhesion of Polymers

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Categories: Technology/Science
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies | Date published: 06/01/2003


Most methods for creating bonds and seals between different materials underwater,and in the human body, are expensive and time consuming. In Adhesion of Polymers, Vladimir Kestelman, an expert in the mechanics of composite materials, and macromolecular chemistry authority Roman A.Veslovsky, present up-to-the-minute methods for improving bonds and seal strength. The authors discuss many practical applications of polymer adhesion studies; the technology they describe will allow engineers to create or repair stronger seals in underwater pipes, repair ships at sea, even bonding and sealing tissues in the body. Topics include properties of adhesives based on polymeric mixtures; ways of decreasing internal stresses in adhesive-bonded joints; cementing and operation of adhesive-bonded joints in liquid media; and control of polymer properties for impregnation of porous materials.

Also Available from Vladimir Kestelman, Roman Veslovsky