In the Shadow of Lazarus

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Categories: Science Fiction
Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc. | Date published: 02/07/2011


Madness lurks in the shadows... Tiorné, a merchant respected for her just and unbiased practices, staffs her space freighter with a motley crew chosen for their abilities rather than their Blood. How can Tiorné refuse when a man ill with a mutated strain of leprosy seeks sanctuary aboard the Nimrod? His unknown disease is killing him and all he wants is to die free from persecution. Her decision, however, may prove fatal. When the Nimrod's crew begin to show signs of infection, it becomes apparent they have all been exposed to the plague. Tiorné's son, Reigo, finds himself heading a mutiny against his mother as the crew struggle for their lives. How can anyone fight a disease that infects both the mind and body?one that also promises salvation and eternal life to its sufferers?

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