My Mountain My Woman

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Categories: Romance
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 01/31/2011


Immensely pleased with his life Tack is shocked when the doctor he hires turns out to be a woman. Fighting the blood racing through his veins and the lust rampaging through him, he is determined to run her of his mountain. However it's impossible, one night after succumbing to his lust there is only one thing he could do to have the beautiful sexy doc back in his bed, and he is positive that she will not refuse his offer. Kennedy can see her employee is a woman hater the moment she meets him, but she is determined that he won't frighten her away. One night in a deserted cabin she gives into the strong attraction and feelings she has for him. It had been a mistake and when she declines his cold contract of marriage, she refuses to let him run her off his mountain.