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Categories: Science Fiction/Erotica
Publisher: Solstice Publishing/Solstice Publishing | Date published: 01/31/2011


EPIC SPACE OPERA ADVENTURE! In the fifth installment of the "Colonel Kendrick Landry" sci-fi series (See FN1 below), Amira is this novella's title character. Amira is the beautiful young jungle woman on the distant planet of Crucida. She is the leader of humanoid tribes fighting cruel opposing tribes led by the humanoid named Aku. Stranded on the planet twenty-five years ago when her Earth scientist parents' star craft crashed in an electro-magnetic storm, Amira was abducted as a five-year-old by the planet's race of sentient, telepathic wolf-like creatures. She has become the warrior queen of the "wolves" and they fight alongside her in the fierce battles against Aku. Colonel Kendrick Landry visits the planet in the mammoth star craft Aurora. Landry dispatches the military leader Colonel Martin Goldstein (the series fans will remember him from the novel A Final Battle) and his battalion of soldiers to investigate whether the Krull, a cruel but technologically advanced race from the Andromeda galaxy, are interfering in the planet's status quo and providing state of the art Twenty-Fifty Century weaponry and military aid to tribesmen seeking to overwhelm Amira's forces. Landry refuses to believe that his old friend Aku is a Krull collaborator. But when Colonel Goldstein learns the truth about Aku,, Goldstein joins forces with Amira in a hopeless quest against all odds to defeat Aku's armies, which fight alongside high-tech Krull soldiers. The ultimate outcome of Amira's struggle with Aku and his forces is both tragic and poignant, but nonetheless embodies a triumph of the human spirit against overwhelming evil. Amira is a modern re-telling of the classic "Amazon woman" story in the context of science-fiction space opera with a little original Star Trek and a dash of Avatar thrown in for good measure. The story spans a period of some twenty-five years, and with agile resort to flashback and omniscient author narrative, the reader barely notices the transitions between the involved time frames. FN1: The other novels in the series are: Challenge To The Stars, Lizard World, A Final Battle, and most recently The Master Entity.

Also Available from G. Bryan Smith