Seeker of Truth

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Categories: Mystery/Crime/Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC/Eternal Press | Date published: 01/07/2011


Tracking the truth can be courageous?and deadly. Detective Jed McCracken is tempted to dismiss his first phone call of the week as a prank, until he realizes he's talking to his late partner's widow, Sarah. Jed hasn't spoken to her since her husband's death and is shocked to discover that Sarah is now Sister Lucie. She's distraught over breaking news about the murder of a former fellow nun and intent on finding her killer. Together, they rekindle their lost friendship while untangling a network of deception, lust and greed. Although they appear to be closing in, the killer proves elusive, prompting Jed to persuade Sister Lucie to bait a trap. Will Sister Lucie outwit the murderer?or become his next victim? Excerpt: "Hey, Jed! Take a look." Matt Larimore, one of the best crime scene photographers in the department, was downloading digital images onto his computer screen. A blonde, wearing a Coventry complimentary bathrobe, was centered on the screen. She was lying on her back across a bed with an opulent gold and red coverlet. Her legs were off the bed, with both feet touching the floor. The robe gaped slightly, showing part of her left leg, but the tie was knotted securely around her waist. She appeared to be looking up at the ceiling with an expression of surprise. One dark red splotch appeared just above the robe's tie. The body looked pale, the exposed leg only slightly discolored. Although it was difficult to tell from one photograph, she looked to be tall, maybe five-ten. Her pale yellow hair was parted on the side and partially covered one eye. Even though it was early in the day, she wore bright red lipstick. She was quite a looker, Jed thought. Nobody would take her for a nun.

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