Remote Eyes

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Categories: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing | Date published: 01/06/2011


Imagine a simpler level of computer usage. Beyond a crystal-clear monitor and the convenience of a pocket-sized device. Imagine a computer interface that is seemingly always with you, always in front of you. Because the computer interface is in your eyes.

This is the world of Remote Eyes.

In the second half of the 21st century, society undergoes a dramatic change. Users crave illegal modifications to their Remote Eyes devices, and many remote into other people's devices, vicariously observing others' lives instead of focusing on their own.

Thelo Dixon has lost his job and the girl he loves while obsessively remoting into others. And things get worse. In a coincidence that his hacker-friends claim defies all probability, he views in real time his brother's murder through the killer's eyes. Unable to identify the perpetrator, Thelo soon discovers, looking through the killer's eyes, all too familiar sights and locations. The killer is now closing in on him.

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